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Update on Telismane and the boys

In Oct of 2008 there was a flood that happened in several areas of Haiti.  Our village of Cazale was affected.  There were many organization here in Haiti and other countries that helped with rebuilding and disaster relief.  There was one family that lost a husband/father and left 5 boys behind.  Many people came together and wanted to help this family.

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Update in Dec 2011
Telismane and her boys moved from their mountain home (that was destroyed) down to the village of Cazale.  Many people came together to help her pay for rent, purchase new items for her home, a start up business and fees for her kids school.  Since that time she has purchased a piece of land (on her own), manages her own small business (on her own), pay for school fees and all supplies (on her own) and had an organization build her a house.   She is able to totally support herself and her boys now on her own. We are so happy for her and applaud her effort and success she has had in the past few year.  We wanted each of you thank have been a small part of her live to see her and the boys now.

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