Villager’s View


– – photos and info from Jerry and Stevenson – –

Siloe is one of the beautiful places in Cazale where everyone goes to have fun.  Siloe is located in Bostay, on the road to Fond Blan.

Siloe (1)

You can come from anywhere and when you want to go swimming it is always Siloe that you will go to.

Siloe (3)

Siloe represents the riches of Cazale.

Siloe (4)

When you come to Cazale, everyone here will tell you about Siloe.

Siloe (5)

I don’t need to give you too many details.  The pictures will give you the rest of the information for you to know that it is a beautiful place.

Siloe (6)



  1. kathy says

    Wow. Yes, really beautiful.

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