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Visitors for Sept

We had a lovely group of ladies that visited RHFH this month.  Tena and Holly (sisters) have been here several times and this trip brought along three new visitors.

1376214_10200749528565265_445863890_n (640x480)

They repainted both of the gates for the clinic and ICU

1373684_10200749528485263_1593807104_n (640x460)

Held, loved and cared for so many babies…

1373998_10200749528525264_508183207_n (480x640)

1373759_10200749697449487_300124594_n (640x480)


filled mamba bowls each night and did so much more while they were here.

1383806_10201916032492936_1922902436_n (640x480)

Thank you for a great week and hope to see each of you back soon!

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