Wednesday at the cholera house

On Wednesday, there were 28 new admits.  No one really had time to count how many pts there were in the whole house, but it was a lot.  There were 56 people that slept here.

This girl has been having a hard time.  She has cholera and a bad respiratory infection.  She is not eating and very tired.  It’s a struggle to get her to sit up like this and deep breath and cough.

With limited beds, mothers hold children at times.  This child was vomiting severely and couldn’t keep down any ORS (oral rehydration solution).  The nurses started 2 lines of IV fluids.  He is doing better today.

The porch is full!

This child had just came in.  He has cerebral palsy and was severely dehydrated from cholera.  They tried to give him ORS, but he vomited later.  They started an IV soon after.  He is inside on a bed and doing better today.

Licia and I mostly organized, restocked, and made lists of things needed and things to do.

We spiked lots of IV bags to be ready for new admits too.

There are 2 women sewing gowns in the village from sheets that we have here.  They are doing them in sets of a dozen.  This is the 2 set we got yesterday and they are for the babies.

Dad got back last night with needed supplies.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers to help so many during this difficult time.


  1. Sandy Kinnaman says

    Do you mostly need money so you can purchase supplies?

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