What’s going on in the clinic?

In January, the clinic was able to consult 2829 patients.  There were 715 new patients and 2114 return patients.

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The breakdown of the ages are:
Kids under 1 year – 303
Kids 1-4 years – 399
Kids 5-14 years – 254
Pregnant women – 260
Family planning – 53
Other adults – 1560

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Our expenses were $6375.37.  Our income was $2716.47 and we used $3658.90 in donations for the clinic to function.

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Injections were given to 229 people and 326 dressing changes were done.  Emergency care was provided to 17 patients.  One was referred to another hospital, ten were sutured.  Most of the accidents were at the home (6) rather than in the road (5), at work (5), or other (1).  There were 6 people with burned treated during January.


There were 260 pregnant ladies that came.  For 82 of them, this was there first prenatal consult (25 in 1st trimester, 33 in 2nd trimester, 24 in 3rd trimester).  There were 61 that this was their 2nd visit, 42 for their 3rd visit, and 75 for their 4th or more visit.  There were 49 infants born this month.  Only two were low birth weight.  Five delivered in hospitals and 44 delivered at home. There were 3 moms that were age 15-19, 40 moms that were 20-34 years, and 6 moms that were over 35 years old.

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Christian Aid Ministries, Americares, Love-A-Child, International Aid provided medications and supplies that allowed us to continue to treat patients.  We are very grateful to them and other organizations that see the need and are so generous to help.  We enjoy working with others for the improved health and care of Haitians.

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Americares gave us a grant to purchase this motorcycle to transport supplies and patients for the cholera treatment center and clinic.  Emergency transport around the area will be much easier with this motorcycle ambulance.

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There were 293 people treated with skin infections, 181 with fungal infections, 234 with pneumonia, 69 with scabies, 9 treated for malaria, and 2 for typhoid fever.  There were 62 people treated for cholera, 371 treated for other diarrhea illness, and 912 for parasites.  Chronic conditions included 307 with hypertension, 68 diabetics, 26 with seizures, and 20 with asthma.

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……and one cute boy who fell asleep waiting for his mom to pass.

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  1. Joanne says

    Very happy to see that of the 49 births, only two were low birth weight. Also, that the majority of mothers were 20-34 years old. This tells me you are doing a good job with teaching and prenatal care. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Erma says

    Blessings to you. So admire your faithfulness.

  3. Bekki says

    okay, your new moto is rockin’! Also, I see that you list income and donations separately. What is the difference of the two? I love you guys and want you to tell Gilbert hello from his sister and brother!

  4. Lori says

    Hey Bekki! We welded a frame onto the back of the moto and we are going to tie up a tarp for sun protection for passengers and a couple of boxes that will store supplies and double as seats. I hope that it will make life a little easier for the workers who are walking a mile back and forth and speed up patient care.

    The income is what we charge the patients for their consults. People in our area and back in the mountains pay the equivalent of $1.18 for the 1st visit and $0.82 for following visits. People that are in the major cities pay $2.35 the 1st visit and $1.76 for following visits. About 10-15% of those that are consulted are seen for free. We have free clinic every other Monday for HIV & TB patients (30-40 ppl) and free clinic every Friday for the outpatient feeding program (80-100 ppl). This is a flat fee and includes medications. These funds are kept in a box in the office and we use them to buy meds and supplies and help people with food & transport. This income is not enough to cover all of our costs, so we use donations that are given to RHFH to supplement for large medication purchases, salaries, and other needs. There are also a few people that will give gifts for insulin, sonograms, and special needs and those funds are included in the donation total.

    I will give Gilbert your greetings. He is doing well.

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