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Words From Gretchen

This is was a clipping that my mom (Gretchen) had taped up on the wall by her desk here in Haiti.  These are not her own words, but this was her heart.  Her life and actions demonstrated this and challenge us to live the same.

MISSIONARY ETHICS Jan 08 2009 c 147 c
Read Isaiah 58:6-12

I think –
If I give you food,
you will get hungry again.
If I give you clothes,
they will wear out.
If I build you a better house,
it will need to be repaired.

But God says –
I am to do all these (Isaiah 58:7) and more besides.
I must believe you were created in God’s image as I was (Genesis 1:27) so that you will believe it too.
I must treat you with respect as I want you to treat me (Luke 10:27) so that you will respect yourself.
I must tell you about God who loves you as He loves me (1 John 4:9) so that you will feel secure.
I must share God’s Good News with you as someone did with me (John 3:16, 17) so that you will believe and be saved.

-Author Unknown


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