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Words from Gretchen

This is an undated letter to our supporters.  We think that is might have been written in the fall of 1994.


1995 c

Hallelujah!  Praise God!  We thank God for your obedience to God in supporting us here in Haiti and I know that you have and are praying for us and we are so appreciative of that.  We can feel the peace and joy of the Lord coming from your prayers.  To us, prayer is still the most important thing that we need, but there are also some that God has called to support us with their substance.  We are writing to show our thankfulness and appreciation for your financial support.  Without it, we couldn’t carry on God’s Work here in Haiti.

Anybody who knows us knows we would rather be on the other end of the letter, because it is truly more blessed to give than to receive.  God is teaching us to be receivers for His Glory.  God needs faithful vessels to distribute and direct His resources for His purposes.  As we are faithful with a little, He will give us more to do for Him.

Boy, that is a word that just keeps jumping up in my spirit, FAITHFULNESS.  God is searching the world over for faithful men and women.  Are we faithful?  We should ask ourselves that everyday.  We should live everyday like the Lord Jesus is coming back tomorrow.  If we knew for a fact that Jesus was coming back tomorrow, would we be doing what we are doing now?  Stop and think about that.  I know its a hard word and it may hurt a little, but it is good for us.  We need to be changed.  The church is not right.  We are asleep.  I believe the Spirit of God is shouting from the rooftop to the Church of Jesus Christ, “W A K E   U P !    I  A M   C O M I N G   B A C K !”

Just as the prophets Zechariah and Haggai prophesied to the Israelites after the returned from exile in Babylon and reached a point of laziness and lackadaisicalness in rebuilding the Temple of God in the natural, I believe the Spirit of God is speaking to men and women who have ears to wake up and build His Kingdom.  In these last days, we must be about our Father’s business. We need to do all we can for God.  Believe me, I’m preaching just as much to myself.  Whether in Haiti or in America, we become comfortable and leave the Kingdom work up to others.  We must push and stretch ourselves as much as possible to get the Good News out to a lost and dying world.  I don’t want their blood on my hands because it might have been a little inconvenient for me to be obedient to God’s Spirit.  Lord, help us to have ears to hear and faith to obey.  Literally, millions of souls are depending on our faithfulness to the Great Commission.  I don’t care whether we are a teacher, a janitor, an usher, a singer or musician, an elder or missionary; let us do everything we can with as much intensity as we can – and do it all for the GLORY OF GOD!  Let us do it together and enter into the peace and joy of our Lord forever more.  Amen!


To God be ALL the Glory,

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