Gwoupman Volonte Aktif pou Devlopman Kazal (GVADK)

Gwoupman Volonte Aktif pou Devlopman Kazal (Group of Active Volunteers for the Development of Cazale) is a grassroots group organized by Cazale citizens, recognized by the Haitian government, and operated by volunteers under the umbrella of RHFH.  The group’s efforts are centered upon generating practical long term solutions to the problems that hamper community development in the area.  Currently, the group has introduced several initiatives into the community to curb the destruction of the community’s infrastructure.  These initiatives include, but are not limited to, strengthening irrigation canals, building rock walls and planting vetiver to prevent further erosion, distributing seeds and tools to farmers, cleaning the village,  building latrines, repairing roads, and encouraging alternative energy.  The group has developed a tree nursery to try to increase the tree population in the area and aid in reforestation.

GVADK’s efforts are primarily directed towards Cazale, Haiti.  The group has  members and meets together each Sunday to exchange ideas and plan for action.  They meet on Saturdays for work days for different community projects. The service provided by GVADK is one that furthers RHFH’s purpose in that it seeks to address problems that negatively impact the community and provides the citizens of the community with the chance of a better quality of life.  Deforestation, limited resources, lack or water, and erosion all contribute to increased risk of disease and malnutrition.  The more these problems are addressed in a meaningful way, the greater possibility individuals have at a better quality of life, both short and long term.