St Vic Comes back for a visit

St Vic was with us part of  2012 and 2013.  He received treatment for malnutrition and also had two surgeries for his knees. He was a favorite to many that visited and was a joy for our staff.

Over the years we have seen his parents and siblings a few times while they are coming to the clinic for an illness.  We have not seen St Vic for several years.  He came this month and visited us at the clinic.  We were all happy to visit with him and see how much he has grown.  We wanted to share this picture with those that have known and loved him over the years.

God is good!


  1. Tena Mc says

    Such a handsome guy! He certainly has grown.up

  2. Bekki says

    Love love LOVE this, and LOVE St. Vique!

  3. Joanne Cottrill says

    Happy to see St. Vic again! He is a young man now! Hope he still plays the guitar and sings!

  4. Emily says

    Tears are streaming down my face.. St Vic impacted my life in so many ways.. he looks so happy and healthy. Thank you guys for all you did for him. He is still in my heart and thoughts all the time!

  5. Susan McAnelly says

    He looks great, so handsome!

  6. Lori Flis says

    I will never forget when St Vic’s mother brought him to RHFH. I was helping in the clinic, and what a blessing God gave me that day. Not the type of blessing that we typically pray for, but the type of blessing that I need so much more of. I will never know how difficult it must have been for his mother to allow him to stay at RHFH that day or how scary it must have been for St Vic to see her go. What I do know is that Lori and Licia did not hesitate in their decision to keep him there and love him as they do each child that is brought to them. He was a blessing for so many of us. I doubt he will ever realize the impact he has had on so many. It is WONDERFUL to see him again! Thank you for sharing his picture!

  7. Tammy in MN says

    He looks great, and so grown up!

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