Pics from the ICU today :)

Luckenson-abandoned in this clinic last week.

FEb 10 2014 b 014

Chaina-continuing to heal

Feb 18 2014 006

Pierre-Louis-playing with lego’s

Feb 18 2014 008

Wilson-hanging in there and continuing to heal

Feb 18 2014 009

Baby Honda-gained 2 pounds in 1 week!

Feb 18 2014 011

Daphnie-happy and playing

Feb 18 2014 014

Guerline-continuing to gain weight and grow

Feb 18 2014 018

2 new friends healing together from terrible cases of malnutrtion

Feb 18 2014 020

Lunch time





  1. Janet Pender says

    They are so beautiful… God Bless them and your ministry for all that you do for them. It would be heartbreaking to see this every day but so wonderful to see them thrive and looking happy !

  2. Erma says

    Such darling children. So thankful you are there for them. Praying for you.

  3. Barb Sheplee says

    Lori Geiger Davis: God is nudging. When do you think your mom might be ready to journy to Haiti? Nurse friend Karen & I are praying for HIS timing. Are you looking for some arms to

  4. Barb Sheplee says

    hold little ones in the name of Jesus.

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