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On Thanksgiving day in 2011 this little boy was found in front of our gate.  We contact local officials and the child was placed in the Rescue Center with the other children.  We later named him Sammuel.  From time to time we have children that are abandoned in the yard or in front of our gates.  My goal is to somehow locate someone in the family of the child to see if they can be reunited with some extended family members.  We are not against adoption but think it is best to search out his family before we pursue that avenue.

After a few months of posting his picture around and getting the word out to surrounding villages we were able to locate his father.  He came to visit on several occasions and worked along with the local authorities to be able to be reunited with his son.  Once it has been ruled that the child is to return to his family we work with the mother, father and other family members to make sure it is a good transition for the child and that he is being cared for.  This is Sammuel going home with his mother and grandfather. 

He will follow in the clinic for a few months to make sure he weight is maintaining and that he is being cared for.  We will have staff members from RHFH visit him at his home to make sure he is doing okay.  Please continue to pray for Sammuel and his family.

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