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There is Hope

Mehdi Dibaj

Truly, living with God is glorious.

The darker the night, the closer the dawn.

The darker the clouds, the more plentiful the life-giving rains.

The narrower the way, the more God’s unlimited help!

The greater the troubles, the more the comforts from God. Though the waves of the sea get higher, this can never disturb the calm of the depths!

Though the storm is violent, it cannot displace the mountain. Those who trust in the Lord are like mountains that cannot be shaken.

The person who lives in the shadow of the Almighty will never be disturbed by the heat.

Mehdi Dibaj is from Iran. While this book was being compiled, Mehdi Dibaj had been in prison for nine years. Early in 1994 he was released, but was murdered six months later. His courtroom defense was edited to form part of this book

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