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  • A sad, frustrating story

    M is an 11 year old boy who was diagnosed with pulmonary TB approximately 6 months ago. He started treatment with a standard 4 drug regimen and has done well. His energy level improved dramatically and he has been gaining weight. He presented to clinic last week for a follow

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  • Words from Gretchen

        One of the first letter my mom wrote back home to supporters in 1994 (23 years ago) Praise God Hallelujah! ¬†After months of preparation and anticipation we have done it, we are doing it, and we are going to continue doing it and we are going to continue

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  • We’ve always needed Lori, now Lori needs us…

    We’ve all had those gift buying moments where we wonder what to buy someone who seemingly has everything. Today, reading this blog, we face a more difficult conundrum: How can you serve someone who spends every waking moment and every ounce of energy serving others? If you have followed Real

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