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  • Hervelande (2) (800x600)

    New admits to the Rescue Center

      HERVELANDE She is 6 years old and weighed 28 pounds when admitted.  She has lost 4 pounds of water weight so far from her edema from the kwashirokor (this is the 7th time with kwashiorkor).  Her family traveled 4 hours by foot, taxi and motorcycle to arrive at the

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  • Jesus asks hard questions…

    Luke is my favorite Gospel. Perhaps it is because his focus on women, the poor, and the marginalized resonates. Perhaps it is because Luke is a physician. My life experience leads me to trust a physician’s memory and account of events, since I live with one. Perhaps it is because

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  • Can You Give For Meds Each Month?

    Most of the patients that we serve are doing their best to just survive and make ends meet.  When sickness or an accident befalls them, they often do not have the resources to seek and follow through with the proper medical care that they need.  Even if they can find

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