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  • RHFH Staff Positions Available!

    Hello All, The RHFH team in Cazale is excited to announce that we are looking for two individuals to come and serve with us, starting in June 2017! They could be two complete strangers, two friends, or a married couple. There is just one job description posted below. Ideally, the

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  • Kreyol Verse

    Galat 5:22-23 Men, Lespri Bondye a bay renmen, kè kontan, kè poze, pasyans, bon kè, seriozite, li fè ou gen bon manyè.  Li fè ou aji ak dousè, li fè ou konn kontwole kò ou. Lalwa Moyiz la pa kont okenn nan bagay sa yo. Galations 5:22-23 But the fruit

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  • Prayer Needs – March 2017

    We thank you for your partnership with us as we lift these petitions up to our Father who knows our needs and reaches down to meet them. easy-to-print version – Prayer Needs

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