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  • Gabriel March (1) (640x427)

    Babies from the Rescue Center :)

        Gabriel—-always happy and willing to giggle with anyone Louivens-quiet and loves to be cuddled. Sammuel-not many thought this cutie would make it.  But he did and is growing and getting so big…he is quiet and loves to be held. Steevenson-over a year old and just reached 11 1/2

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  • Nanpamie ff (1) (640x427)

    New Admits to the ICU/RC

    CHRISMENE She is 16 months old and weighs 15 pounds 2 ounces.  She was referred to us from Children’s Health Ministries. She began having mild edema from kwashiorkor a few days ago.  Her glucose levels were low when admitted and she was refusing to eat or drink much.  Her papa

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  • Wenson and Wenslove March (1) (640x427)

    Pictures from the ICU

    Donley is slowly gaining weight and improving Gladimy is such a sweet boy Venia returned home with her family this week after being here a little over a month and gaining 8 pounds This little gal was born at the cholera hospital this week, he mama is very ill still.

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