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  • Jan 24 2015 (7) c

    Cholera Update

    In December, there were 175 patients treated in the cholera treatment center.  So far, we’ve seen 138 people in January.  These months are part of our dry season with very little rainfall.  Usually, the cases drop considerably in these months…except this year.  We are not sure why there is such

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  • Kreyol Lesson: James 1:2-5

    Jak ch1 v 2-5 Frè mwen yo, lè nou tonbe nan divès kalite eprèv, konsidere sa tankou yon lajwa total.  Paske, nou konnen lè eprèv teste lafwa nou, rezilta a se andirans.  Men, fòk andirans lan fè yon travay total pou nou ka total, toutantye, san manke anyen.  Men, si

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  • Highlights from Haiti: 23 January 2015

    A new government takes shape in Haiti A new generation of doctors emerging in Haiti. Economic factors continue to stunt growth in Haiti. Jonathan Katz discusses some struggles along the way as Haiti continues to rebuild itsself. Some of the disconnect between pledged aid and actualy impact post earthquake. Reconsidering

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  • IMG_5873 c

    Patient of the Month – Jean Berly

    Jean Berly has had a mass growing by his eye for a long time.  We are trying to get him help with surgery to remove the mass.  The doctor be able to remove first asked for a CT scan.  Jn Berly’s parents and the clinic split the cost to get

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