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  • Staff Spotlight-Yolette

      Yolette has been working for RHFH since 2012.  Over the years we have had several individuals and families that for one reason or another are unable to care for themselves.  RHFH decided that we needed to step up and help these families with the simple day to day task

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  • Mirlande Kerverson Chrisline mamba (1) (800x533)

    Medika Mamba grads

    We have been able to serve over 2000 kids with the live saving product of Medika Mamba, check out some of our recent grads.

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  • Pictures from the Rescue Center

    We have 2 cooks and 1 helper that cook food each day for the kids.  They average 70 bowls of food for each meal.  Today’s lunch meal is rice, beans and legume.  The legume is a mush of eggplant, carrots, cabbage, militon, spinach, and meat.  You put a spoonful of

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  • IMG_9711 (533x800)

    Pictures from the ICU/older children center

    Frantzo is having fun playing with his friends today. Dieulot is eating well and getting stronger. Youry was admitted last week and is fighting this week to overcome severe kwashiorkor. Some more feet with edema caused by kwashiorkor. Nine years old and 34 pounds. She is fighting off infections and

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