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  • Burial cost for Yvane needed

    Our friend Yvane died this past week.  You can read her story here and here.  We would like to be able to help her family out with some of the cost of her burial.  She will be buried early this coming week and the service will be at her home church.

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  • Rose Darline

        Rose Darline passed away on Friday. She was admitted for severe acute malnutrition this summer but also had congenital heart disease, which was likely the cause of her malnutrition. Her congenital heart disease was correctable with surgery, but cardiac surgery is not performed in Haiti. She was on

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  • Opportunity to serve at Real Hope for Haiti-office intern

    The RHFH team in Cazale is excited to announce that we are looking for one or two individuals to come and serve with us, starting in Dec/Jan 2017! They could be an individual, two complete strangers, two friends, or a married couple. There is just one job description posted below.

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